What is Aftermaster Pro?

The answer to your audio needs

The Aftermaster Pro is the world’s first Personal Re-Mastering Device. The same award winning and unparalleled sound that your favorite Professional Recording Artists use is now available in your own personal unit.

Simply install the Aftermaster Pro TV unit between your input and your television thru HDMI cable, and you will experience a new level of sound and clarity.

"A new, one-of-a-kind personal audio re-mastering device that has created an intriguing, new product category in the consumer electronics industry... this product will be coveted. " -Huffington Post

Who needs Aftermaster Pro?

Anybody 9 to 90! If you have a television, then you have HDMI Inputs and devices that you connect to it; DVD players, Roku ™ and other Streaming Devices, Gaming Consoles, and more. You will hear a significant difference in the sound from every device.


Aftermaster Pro provides clear, dynamic, and exciting sound even if you have a soundbar or surround sound receiver. Its patented process improves the audio throughout its entire frequency range. You will never have to adjust the volume again to hear somebody talk!


Many of your favorite albums were remastered USING Aftermaster patented technology. You will experience audio that is bigger, clearer, fuller, and vastly more enjoyable.


If you have a gaming console, this is not even a question that your experience will come alive with Aftermaster Pro. This unique audio process takes sound to levels that couldn’t be reached with any other remastering techniques. Hear the dialogue clearly and marvel at the exciting sound!

Travel & More

If you travel, add Aftermaster Pro to your backpack. Take a streaming device like a Roku ™, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Apple TV ™ and an HDMI cable, and transform your Hotel TV’s speaker into a home stereo system! No more $17.99 movies or bad television!

"The Aftermaster Pro improves TV, smartphones and everything in between." - Engadget

How does AfterMaster Pro TV work?

Aftermaster’s Patented Technology raises all dialogue levels, while making all surrounding audio sound substantially better. This is the SAME technology that we use to remaster the audio at our recording studios in Hollywood, CA for some of the top industry artists! Aftermaster Pro connects easily via HDMI to virtually any audio/video source. Use it with Cables Boxes, Satellite, Video Gaming Consoles, Streaming Devices, Computers, Tablets, and more.

Hear the difference for yourself.

The following audio has been transformed with Aftermaster Pro. This is not a simulation, and your volume has not been adjusted.
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"Aftermaster, the best home audio thing I think I've ever run across" - Pocketables
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Designed for your TV and audio enabled devices.

Our mission with Aftermaster Pro is to provide a convenient and inexpensive way to enjoy all your audio content the way it was intended: with clear, dynamic, and exciting sound. For your TV, Aftermaster Pro hooks up easily between your TV and video source via HDMI cables. Aftermaster Pro will transform your TV audio by automatically raising and clarifying TV dialogue while improving all of the audio quality in the program. No more need to continually adjust the volume of your favorite TV show to hear what people are saying.

"A new, one-of-a-kind personal audio re-mastering device that has created an intriguing, new product category in the consumer electronics industry... this product will be coveted. " - Huffington Post
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Aftermaster Pro TV is the PERFECT GIFT!

AfterMaster Pro TV is the MOST UNIQUE, COOLEST, USEFUL device every engineered. It’s less than $200 and it will be appreciated by whomever opens it. Dads that watch sports and love movies! Gamers! The High School or College Graduate! Moms that binge watch TV on Netflix ™ or Hulu ™. Your Parents that don’t enjoy watching television or movies anymore because they can’t hear the dialogue over the music and action sequences. Audiophiles and Tech Geeks!